Spicy Watermelon Margarita


This margarita packs a night, light punch. It’s fresh, hydrating and full of Vitamin C.


  • 3-4 frozen watermelon chunks (seedless)

  • 1.5-2 oz shot of premium blanco tequila

  • 1 lime, juiced

  • Jalapeno slices

  • Tajin low-sodium salt

Directions: Combine watermelon chunks, tequila, and lim juice in a blender. Rim your glass with Tajin salt. Pour your watermelon margarita mixture over ice in your freshly rimmed glass. Top with fresh jalapeno slices and a garnish with a watermelon wedge.

Adaptogenic White Russian (Vegan, Non-Dairy)

Vegan White Russian with Adaptogens

Vegan White Russian with Adaptogens

I LOVE coffee. And on night when I’m ready to head-out but I need a little extra pick-me-up pre-game cocktail, this non-dairy White Russian is perfect. It’s packed with adaptogens like chaga, lion’s mane, and rhodiola.


Directions: Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Pour over ice!

Never tried mushroom coffee, before? Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms! It takes just like regular coffee (with all the adaptogenic benefits).

Cool Blonde Cocktail


I love me some Blondies by Jenny. It’s perfect over-ice, or when I’m feeling fancy, I like to mix up a Cool Blonde cocktail. It’s fresh, it’s minty, and it won’t leave you with a hangover the next morning because Blondies is made with premium gluten-free vodka and coconut water, mixed with natural lemon flavor and sweetened with stevia.

Cool Blonde

  • Blondies Lemonade (or Blondies Blueberry Lemonade)

  • Soda Water (preferably Berry or Lime flavor)

  • Lemon Wedge

  • Frozen Blueberries (preferably organic)

  • Fresh Mint

Directions: Pour 3 oz of Blondies in a cocktail shaker over ice. Add frozen blueberries, mint, and a fresh squeeze of lemon. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Top with soda water. Garnish with fresh blueberries and mint for a cool, refreshing cocktail.

Blueberry Mint Collagen Martini


I like dry martinis, but I don’t like dry skin! This recipe is fresh, light, and helps pack in the antioxidants and collagen lost when drinking.

Blueberry Mint Collagen Martini

Directions: Combine equal parts vodka and Beauty Water with splash of dry vermouth and a squeeze of lemon juice over ice in a cocktail shaker. Mix and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with fresh mint.

The #NeverThirsty Margarita


 Alcohol can be super dehydrating and can deplete you of essential nutrients, which I why I like mixing up this margarita when I’m home. It’s super refreshing, hydrating, and packed with potassium and electrolytes because of the addition of coconut water. I like using Harmless Harvest because it’s completely pure. 


  • 1 lime, juiced

  • 3 oz of high-quality blanco tequila

  • Splash of Harmless Harvest coconut water

  • Squeeze of an orange wedge (optional: if you like that triple sec flavor)


Directions: Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and pour in a rocks glass over ice (or blend together if you prefer a slushed margarita). Salt the rim with some pink himalayan sea salt and garnish with a lime wheel. If you’re someone that likes a sweeter margarita, feel free to add a bit more coconut water. 

I promise, this does not have a "coconut flavor" - it actually balances nicely with the tequila and citrus. 

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