Holiday Drinks Without the Guilt

It's Christmas! To help you celebrate, I've put together two of my favorite holiday dranks that'll let you keep all the fun and nix all the guilt, because they're better than the tradition versions. Enjoy!



 Coffee Veg-Nog Cocktail (Inspired by the Califia & FAIR recipe)

- 2 parts Califia Almondmilk Holiday Nog (low-cal, low-sugar, and dairy-free!)

- 1 part Vodka (preferably organic)

- 1 part Coffee Liqueur (preferably organic)

 Mix and serve over ice. 





 Peppermint Dark Chocolate Martini

- 2 parts unsweetened Almondmilk

- 1.5 parts Dark Chocolate Liqueur

- 0.5 part Vodka (preferably organic)

- Fresh Peppermint (for garnish)

- Santa Cruz Organic Mint Chocolate Syrup

Grab a martini glass, drizzle chocolate syrup around the rim and put it in the freezer for a few minutes to chill the glass. Then, in a cocktail shaker, combine almond milk, dark chocolate liqueur, vodka, and fresh peppermint. Shake, strain, and pour into your chilled martini glass. Garnish with fresh peppermint. (Or use a candy cane. It is Christmas, after all. One cane won't kill ya.)


Choosing Your Vodka

I try as often as I can to always buy organic alcohol. Obviously, not for the health benefits, because drinking is still drinking. However, when you support companies that make liquor sourced from organic farms, you're keeping those farms in business. They're the ones helping to make a healthier environment for us all by staying away from the pesticides and other harsh chemicals. Therefore, you're giving back by simply choosing a better vodka.

So, my top choice would likely be American Harvest Vodka, it's organic and it's affordable. Another good option is FAIR Quinoa Vodka.

Or, since it IS Christmas and you might be feeling a little festive and want to buy something special, my other favorite is Belvedere Red. No, it's not organic, but it is fancy and it is charitable, so you're still giving back by buying it. And it's red, so it looks festive.


Enjoy, stay sexy, and have a happy holiday!


Photo Credit: Cooking with Sugar