13 Reasons Why Star Timothy Granaderos Unfiltered: Holiday Traditions & Getting T@gged

Timothy Granaderos (13 Reasons Why) joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter to discuss the new season of his HULU series, T@gged, working with Noah Centineo and how to survive that holiday madness.

We gab about: 

  • What to expect from Ash in the new season of T@gged

  • Teasers from 13 Reasons Why season 3

  • Combatting those annoying holiday questions from family

  • Becoming an angel of death for senior citizens

  • Why it may not be worth sliding into Tim's DMs

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Keep up with Timothy at @timothygranaderos and catch him on the third season of T@gged, streaming now on HULU. 

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