I am always on the lookout for best products to keep me on my game. Check out some of my favorite brands that I know you'll love too!

- Zack


Wellness Brands


The Golden Elixir

These adaptogen blends will LIGHT YOUR BRAIN ON FIRE (in only the best way). I love to mix-in the Super Boost powder into my morning coffee. HELLO, PRODUCTIVITY.

Shop The Golden Elixir here


Hum Nutrition

I’ve been taking Hum Nutrition’s Hair Sweet Hair gummies for over a year and it keeps my hair so strong (even with the bleaching). I also love their Flatter Me enzymes, Daily Cleanse capsules, and their Glow Sweet Glow gummies are DELICIOUS.

Use code ADULTING for 20% OFF at www.humnutrition.com


Dry Farm Wines

My FAVORITE hangover-free wine. It’s like the only wine I drink anymore because I never have to worry about getting a “wine headache.” It doesn’t have added sugar, added dyes, is low in sulfites, and cleaner than most!

Give it try! You won’t regret it. www.dryfarmwines.com/zack